Filming in italy service

The EFC Group has an exclusive position inside the Cinecittà Studios, the oldest location in Europe for film, commercials, reality and television production. For more than twenty years our our permanent office offers complete production assistance and consultancy for any shooting project planned in Italy. Our staff is prepared to tackle any type of assistance for productions, providing estimates and consultancy, free of charge.
Our strong points are the references acquired from our customers, who have shown gratitude for the type of service received and were especially impressed by the enthusiasm of our staff. We will send you references upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us via Skype and/or email. It will be our pleasure to hear from you.
There are many film service companies in Italy today, most of them operating with a mobile phone and no fixed office, often made up of people who have a second job and when necessary work for the foreign cinema in Italy, causing not just a few management problems for the foreign customer, who they acquire through an internet site of which the work references belong to third parties. We have a permanent office inside the prestigious Cinecittà film studios, a company established in 1937 and gives exclusive hospitality to our EFC with 400 sq.m. of space for offices and equipment storage. EFC guarantees that your project will be entrusted to expert hands and with a special recommendation that we receive with the hospitality of the Cinecittà studios, where films such as “Exorcist: The Beginning”, “Gangs of New York”, “U-571”, “The Passion of the Christ”, “Daylight”, some of these prepared by us.

You are welcome to visit us at Cinecittà Studios.